A Visit to Lanzarote

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A Visit to Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the islands in the chain of Canary Islands which are a part of Spain. Known as the land of volcanoes, this island is formed because of the volcanic activities in the 18th and 19th century. Lanzarote Airport is the only airport in this island and there are only two terminals in this airport. Years before, this airport only has domestic flights to other Spanish destinations but now this airport also has international flights to countries like Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France.

It took just under one hour to cross the whole area of the island and the main means of transportation around the island are buses and taxis. However, car hire services here is also quite affordable and will be the best alternative for you to go discover places that are not on the route of the buses and taxis. The best car hire company on the island is in the airport, which is the car hire Lanzarote. You will be amazed with the range of cars available here.

Lanzarote has a lot of wonderful beaches around the island. The main beach in this piece of land will be Playa Grande that is located inside Puerto del Carmen. This is a really long beach with scenic views of the sea and if the weather is clear, you can see the mountains at the far side of the sea. You can do a lot of activities here like diving, swimming, jet skiing and snorkelling. Another great beach is Playa Blanca that is known for its golden sand. There are also man-made beaches in this area which are famous among tourists especially during the middle of the year.

Lanzarote beaches are a great place to unwind after a long and tiring day and although there are nudists around the beach it is not compulsory, so those who are not fond of being nude can also enjoy their time to the fullest here. There are a lot of resorts and inns around the island which ranges from the budget ones to the luxurious ones, you will not be short of choices on where to sleep during the night. While swimming, please make sure that you adhere to the flag warnings placed on the beach and do not swim alone. This is because most of the cases that happened here are caused by tourists who do not follow the rules made by the lifeguards here.

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